Ziphouse is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. The below information outlines how your personal data is used on our website.

This website is not aimed at minors and it is not the intention of Ziphouse to collect any data relating to children.

Information we collect

Personal information is collected from enquiries made via our contact form as well as email and telephone correspondence. This includes personal information relating to yourself (your name, email address and phone number) as well as the details of the property you are looking to sell.

We can collect, use, store and transfer data to trusted contacts. Data is typically grouped as such:

Personal data: Title, full name, marital status, date of birth, gender

Contact data: Full address, email, phone number

Profile data: Any offer which has been made, any interest in a property, any feedback

Technical data: Client ID, browser and version number, time zone and location, operating system

Usage data: pages visited on the Ziphouse website

We also collect aggregated data, which is statistical or demographic data.

How we use data

Information is primarily used by Ziphouse in its role of buying property and other related services. Data can be shared in the cases where there is a legal or regulatory obligation and with relevant, trusted third parties.

Storing data

Ziphouse will only retain personal information whilst an individual is a customer.

Any customer of Ziphouse has the right to request for the removal of data from our system. This can be done by contacting the Managing Director at

Your right to access personal information

In accordance with GDPR, an individual has the right to access their personal information and correct any information that may be incorrect.

Any customer of Ziphouse can see what information we collect and why as well as request a copy of the data held by us and a complete list of where personal data has been shared.

Notify us of changes to personal data

If there are any changes to your personal details that you would like to inform us of, please contact the Managing Director at


We use cookies which are necessary to make our website work.

Cookies are text files which are stored on a users computer to collect information about you and your preferences. We also use analytical cookies which means we can track information such as unique visitors to the website. For more information regarding cookies, please visit:

It is possible to block cookies, however this may affect the website functionality.

How we protect your information

Preventative measures have been taken to protect your personal data. All your personal information is completely confidential and a firewall is in place to block the access of any unauthorised users. Only the Ziphouse internal team has access to personal information and this information is password protected.

Telephone calls – calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes. Recordings are kept secure.

Personal data breaches and complaints

If you feel that your data has been misused by us or that we have not protected your personal data, please get in touch as soon as possible by emailing the Managing Director at or phoning 020 8050 1504.

If you are unhappy with our response or you need any further information, please get into contact with Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO):

Helpline: 0303 123 1113