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  • Once you have got in touch, and providing your property fits without our parameters, Ziphouse will make an initial offer in principle. This is an offer based on the market value of your property.
  • We ensure that everyone we work with during the process of purchasing a property has had an identity check and are verified.
  • If this is accepted, we will arrange for an asset management company to conduct an appraisal of your property. This will include a valuation from a local estate agent.
  • Once we receive the appraisal, we will make you a provisional offer, which will be subject to the findings from a survey and contract. If you decide to proceed to our formal offer, we will instruct an RICS Chartered Surveyor to inspect your property. This will be paid for by Ziphouse.
  • Should the inspection uncover any issues, the offer may be changed.
  • At this point, a lawyer will need to be appointed. If you choose one of the lawyers shortlisted by Ziphouse, we will cover all costs. However, if you feel more comfortable appointing your own lawyer, then we will give you £500 to cover the costs on completion.
  • If you choose your own lawyer, they will be required to have Professional Indemnity Insurance of over £2,000,000, have at least two other members of staff, be a solicitor or licensed conveyancer situated in the UK and have no disciplinary procedures or activity enlisted against them.
  • The formal offer is reconfirmed on receipt of the legal documents and the RICS overview. If the legal report identifies an issue with the property, the offer may be changed. These reports will be accessible for review via your lawyer.
  • There is no commitment to continue with Ziphouse until contracts are exchanged. This process will be managed by your legal team and this is when a completion date will be agreed.
  • Your property will be offered to Ziphouse empty on completion, unless an alternative arrangement has already been agreed.
  • Under The Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013, you are allowed a cooling off period of 14 days from the date of a marked agreement. It is worth noting that if you pull out at this space you will be liable for covering the expenses incurred by Ziphouse. This happens when our agreement is marked by you at an area away from our office. Wiping out must consistently be made recorded as a hard copy and be inside the multi-day timespan. In the event that an EPC, Home Report or showcasing materials (photography/floor plan/costs and so forth) have been acquired by Ziphouse in this period, you will be at risk for these expenses, however just if the agreement is dropped inside the cooling off period.
  • We are full members of the National Association of Property Buyers. We also are registered with The Property Ombudsman, meaning that we follow its Code of Practice and follow the principles that home owners are treated fairly and can in the event of a dispute, access an independent remedial service.


Ziphouse accepts no liability for the content of its website. and any risk can be prohibited by law.

Ziphouse will always aim to complete in a timescale to suit you however acknowledges no risk if a completion date cannot be met.